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School and college parties in Suffolk, England made Suku a multi-genre Dj mostly covering house, but also RnB and Ragga. He landed up in London and soon got his residency which also ran alongside his weekly Sunday cruising one-nighters on the Thames abroad the Prydella.

1985-1991: Suku played resident at Studio Valbonne with DJ Punkrock, as well as playing one-nighters at Stringfellows and Bootleggers in London whilst also spinning at On the Rocks (Copenhagen).

1992-1999: Various stints in France, Sweden and Spain was followed up by a call-up to Japan which saw him land in Nagoya and storm the city with his first weekly Tek event at Club Abime. He soon opened his first club, the underground, which brought in London DJs to Nagoya in the house and garage scene. Success got him opening two more clubs, Lush and Atlantic Bar.

1999-2010: Suku opened his own studio and record label State XS in 1999 and his first release on AVEX TRAX brought in his first Top 10 with his single “Paid” followed by the album “Platinum”. Suku has also done remixing work for other producers in Japan, such as Sugiurumn, Tetsuya Komuro, and artists such as F.O.H. and Skoop on Somebody. His newest club, “the emporium”, soon followed and is still his residence.