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Ideal for large parties. A full range of facilities and services are available for wedding receptions, recitals, farewell parties, birthday parties, etc.

The theme of emporium is “the terrace of the universe where you can see the stars”.

There is a store on the top floor of the building, and when the elevator opens, it is an emporium penthouse.

The sound is a 14 SPEAKER SURROUND SYSTEM that is custom-made, and the production lighting uses a MAC 250’S, laser, and FIBER OPTICS in all directions of 360 degrees.

Produce an outstanding original space.
The lounge where about 100 people can sit, such as custom luxury sofas and bar counters , is very popular for bridal, birthday parties , various anniversary events , and group parties.
A fantasy space where the crew handles everything from shop design, tables, walls, lighting, sound to songs.
In the UK SPACE FANTASY space, we welcome guests with the at-home hospitality of the emporium crew.

Have a special day at emporium?
Please feel free to contact us for a charter for small groups such as birthday parties for friends, secondary parties for weddings, various parties and band events.

① Sakae “Sumiyoshi”, convenient location! Subway or car is OK!
There is a shop in “Sumiyoshi” in Sakae, Nagoya
. A 5-minute walk from Sakae Station on the Higashiyama Line and Meijo Line.
There are coin parking and large parking lots around the store!
* Itomas Parking TEL: 052-262-7101
② Very reasonable price setting!
From 4000 yen per person (tax included)! (For charter plans of 50 people ~)
100 drinks are all you can drink!
12 buffet dishes
(3) Fully equipped with 3 large DLP projectors! !
17 laser lights and high performance moving lights. And equipped with 14 sound systems!
Achieve high-quality production in a colorful and sound- like manner according to the scene !
3 wired microphones available
④Services unique to clubs ・ Atmosphere seating is OK for 100 people, and standing meals for up to 170 people!
Played by emporium’s exclusive DJ (selecting the music according to the party’s content, the party will be professionally produced)
Ideal for those who want to play a band or who are particular about “sound”! Of course, microphones can also be borrowed for free. There is also an acoustic operator on the day, so setup is safe. (Band arrangements are not included) A party full of originality in a luxurious space!
☆ wedding second party benefits full of wedding second meeting plan is here
☆ Birthday, annual, farewell Mukaekai, alumni, etc., various Pate charter plan here