//Gambling in Osaka

Gambling in Osaka

Most types of gambling are illegal and therefore, banned in Japan by Criminal Code. However, some of the exceptions include horse racing, motorsports, lottery and Pachinko games. These sports and games are held under special laws so that the income of the governments, both national and local, can be increased. This is also done to offer entertainment for the general population.

However, Osaka has been chosen by casino operators as a major Japanese city to be nominated for the development of an Integrated Resort. Osaka is the only metropolitan in Japan to be considered for the IR license. This is because Osaka is home to massive gaming and betting events. Some of the forms of gambling that can be seen in Osaka are:

1. Public Sports

Popularly known as ‘Koei Kyogi’, public sports can be gambled on legally in Japan. There are four main types of Koei Kyogi – horse racing, bicycle racing, powerboat racing and asphalt motorcycle racing. They are regulated under local government and other governmental corporations. The prize holds 75-80% of the total sales. The tickets are available not just in Osaka but countless other booths in cities such as Tokyo, Yokohama and Nagoya.

2. Lottery

Lotteries, also called Takarakuji, are held in large cities regularly throughout the year. Japan hosts three main types of lotteries: unique number lotteries, scratch card lotteries and selected number lotteries. Each ticket is sold at around 100 to 500 yen, and the cash prize is generally 100 million yen or more. The prize pool of any lottery has to be less than 50%, and the rest goes to governmental organization and charities. The tickets are available at booths in many cities.

3. Pachinko

Pachinko is an extremely famous slot machine game which is considered as an exception to the Japanese criminal code. If a player wins, they are rewarded with prizes of various value and not money as that goes against the criminal code.

4. Illegal Gambling

Japan’s criminal underworld organization, Yakuza, are known to operate illegal casinos in the country. Moreover, online gaming sites also offer a platform for gamblers. Recently, the owner of an online gambling site was arrested, and he confessed to earning a lot of money through the website.


5. Casino

There have been movements in Japan to make operation of casinos legal in Japan to boost tourism. However, they remain illegal. In July, last year, Japanese lawmakers approved a bill that officially permits casinos in Japan. Three casinos in the form of IR will be established at different places in Japan. One of the areas that have been nominated for the establishment of IR is Osaka. However, the IR will have restrictions that will allow locals to visit the Casino only three times per week or ten times per month. The locals will also be charged high fees to enter so that they do not get addicted.

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